Why Wood?

Commercial-Industrial Business Owners are Taking Control of Their Heating Costs and Using Wood to Heat Their Industrial Workspace

Let’s face it. Energy supplies are increasingly impacted by worldwide events while volatile heating oil and propane costs, and ever-increasing electricity prices, are causing many commercial-industrial business owners to consider heating with wood. Today, many independently minded business owners are shifting and using wood as the natural source of heat and comfort for their industrial workspace.


It’s Purely Economic

This coming year alone, most commercial-industrial businesses without wood heat will spend much more in heating costs than ever before. Those that heat with:

  • Natural gas will spend 30% more than last year.
  • Propane will spend 54% more than last year.
  • Heating oil will spend 43% more than last year.
  • Electricity will spend 6% more than last year.

In addition, while most commercial-industrial businesses cut and season their own fuel, purchasing wood locally is a great way to keep retail dollars within a local economy supporting area businesses.


Environmental Wins 

For those who are equally concerned about global warming, heating with wood is the answer: trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, then release it when burned for heat. This round-trip ‘use and release cycle’ keeps businesses warm without warming the globe!


Wood Heat Works

So, let’s acknowledge it. There’s a new awareness rising which follows a historical American precedent that’s been in motion for hundreds of years: wood heat works! Give us a call if you’re ready to shift your commercial-industrial business to wood heat. We’re here to help!


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