What is the difference between a COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL furnace and a RESIDENTIAL furnace?

A commercial-industrial furnace is designed to meet the increased demand associated with heating industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial-industrial furnaces are reserved strictly for business that will use the product in the operation of their business and cannot be used in any other application.


How do I qualify to purchase a COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL furnace?

In most cases a copy of your business license or L.L.C. meets the need, but any legal document that proves you're operating a full-time business will work.


Where are Ignite Tech furnaces made?

The HD80 and HD90X are 100% Made in the USA! They're manufactured by the HY-C Company located in St. Louis, Missouri.


How do I purchase an Ignite Tech furnace?

It's easy! Simply call Ignite Tech's dedicated Customer Service Team at 1-800-325-7076. A Furnace Technician will answer all of your questions and you can easily place your order over the phone.


Who can I contact to answer questions about an Ignite Tech furnace?

Simply call 1-800-325-7076 to speak with our dedicated Customer Service Team! Furnace Technicians are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Are Ignite Tech Commercial-industrial furnaces approved by the EPA?

No. The Federal Government has made a heating-exception for businesses allowing them to use a non-EPA certified wood burning forced air furnace to heat their business property.


Who can purchase an Ignite Tech furnace?

The HD80 and HD90X are reserved strictly by the Federal Government for use in commercial-industrial applications only. They cannot be used for any other application. You must be a fully-registered and operational business to be qualified to purchase an Ignite Tech furnace.


What is the electrical power requirement needed to operate an Ignite Tech furnace?

A 15 amp 120 volt circuit is more than enough power to operate an Ignite Tech furnace.


What is the flue size and where can I purchase the flue pipe?

The HD80 uses an 8” single-wall flue pipe. The HD90X uses a 6” Type A stainless steel insulated flue pipe. You can purchase flue pipe from us when you purchase your furnace.


What size logs can I use?

The fire box is large enough to except up to a 34” log.


Can I use a flue damper?

A flue dampener is not necessary, but can be used, to fine-tune the burn rate of the furnace if desired by the operator.


What type of grates do Ignite Tech furnaces have?

The HD80 and the HD90X are equipped with cast iron grates. The HD80 has a patented roller grate which allows the user to easily shake out the ashes without disturbing the fire. The HD90X uses a full-length stationary grate allowing the ash to continually fall into the ash pan. Both furnaces come with an ash scoop designed specifically to fit in the ash pan, making ash removal easy!